Aleta Schnitzer, Owner, Sugar Artist

 How long have you been decorating cakes?

Twelve years ago my youngest was turning 3 and insisted on a kitty cake for his birthday.  I went to the library and researched cake decorating books to create his cute kitty cake.  Soon I was making cakes for friends, and friends-of-friends.  There came a point when my kitchen was so overwhelmed that I knew I had to get a commercial kitchen or stop altogether.  When I considered not using my baking and decorating talents creating cakes for others, it was truly a depressing thought.  Maybe that’s the closest a girl can come to knowing her life’s purpose?  I rented space in a commercial kitchen, signed on for my first bridal show and I’m now in my 5th year in my own cake shop, Adorn Cakes.

What’s your philosophy?

A wedding cake should be exquisite inside and out.  No couple should have to choose between a beautiful cake or a delicious one. I put as much time and attention into the baking and filling of the cake as the decorating.  I buy the best ingredients, and make everything from scratch—no cake mix!  I’m always improving my artistry and keeping up with current trends and techniques.  I love to travel to attend classes taught by some of the best cake artists in the biz.

What’s your style?

It can vary from dramatic and bold to simple and sweet.  I’m happiest when a cake is personalized to be the perfect representation of the couple and their special day.

What’s your favorite flavor?

Honestly, it’s whatever just came out of the oven.  Our own wedding cake was chocolate chip and my hubby’s favorite is still Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Pound Cake.

Do You Have any tips for brides?


  • We’d love to help you plan how the cake will be displayed. A coordinating cake stand will make your beautiful, edible centerpiece appear even more exquisite.  Even placing it on a tall table or using a sturdy box underneath a tablecloth will show off your cake.  Elevate, elevate, elevate!
  • There’s no wrong answer when it comes to flavors. Anything goes!  The days of white wedding cakes and dark groom’s cakes are in the past.  If you love the look and taste of white cake, make it special with flavors like white chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese filling.
  • “I would prefer a slice of sheet cake,” said no wedding guest, ever. Kitchen cake is assembled with fillings exactly as the tiered wedding cake and is indistinguishable when sliced on a plate.
  • Save the top/anniversary tier of your cake. We will provide a box and instructions for freezing.  Meringue style buttercream never crusts and seals the cake very well.  It will still taste great a year later.  But it’s not bad luck to eat it before your anniversary.  My hubby and I ate ours when we returned from our honeymoon, and we just celebrated our 22nd anniversary!  Some couples take it to the hotel room after the wedding, or on their honeymoon.    You can always order another identical tier on your first, or any anniversary.  At Adorn, we don’t count the top tier in the guest servings and don’t charge for the servings. It’s our gift to the couple for cakes of 100 servings or more!

Anything else?

I have 3 sons, Jake, Max, and Curt, and two very entertaining cats named Binks and Molly.  My long suffering cake husband, Lee, helps me with tech support, Costco runs, and cake deliveries.

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